As a child, Julia Brochey was among a family of musicians, and began singing, dancing and acting with the San Diego Children’s Theater at the age of four. From there, her love for the arts grew. By her late teens, Julia could be heard on radio stations, television, at festivals, and various events throughout the Southwest, performing bilingual music. Later, she developed an interest in classical, jazz and world music and began devoting time and attention to studying such genres as well as writing. Julia has written for and has led several projects over the years, has recorded six full-length CD’s, has been featured on compilations, and has been a guest vocalist on several CD’s.

Julia’s musical and educational experiences are vast. She has classical and jazz training in theory, piano, guitar and voice. She has been involved in the field of education for over 15 years, and has taught private and group guitar, piano, voice, theory, songwriting, theater/audition preparation, and general music education to students of all ages. Above all else, Julia believes that students and educators of all abilities should continue refining their art.

Current music partners include: Joe Taylor (Amoré); Damian Brochéy; Christian Larsen; Brian Levy.

Listen Below:

Wanderlust by Julia Brochey, Feat. Brian Levy
La Vie En Rose with Joe Taylor/Amoré

Heart by Julia Brochey

March of the Trees/OTTM
Uncomfortable Situation/OTTM
Craze/Proper Scarlet
I’m Your Hitman by Dame Baasi, Feat. Julia Brochey
Tango #3 Ferrer