Julia Brochey creates folk art that primarily captures the essence of the Southwest. She uses a variety of mediums, including bark and musical instruments. Below are just a few samples of her work. Visit again soon to find upcoming exhibitions and to see a larger body of current work. You can also check out a bit more of her work in the first edition of “Flamenco Is,” Brochey’s ode to Flamenco dance and culture. As always, more to come!

After the Flamenco Show
Giving and Taking
Courtyard Concert
Creation of Another Kind
Albuquerque Memory
Dad’s Mission
Manitou at Midnight
Basking in Jaleos
Romance After the Dance
Funeral in the High Desert
Dancers Backstage
Obligatory Flowers
Winter Hikes
Legend of El Malpais
Cowboy Coffee
Make Me a Bluebird
Momma’s Missing Vase
“Guitarists Don’t Climb”
Ice Skating Colorado
Following Tracks
Dream Cymbals
He Gives Me Fever/at the Sagebrush Taos (Guitar Top)

St. Francis on Hand Sculpted Tile.

St. Cecilia on Guitar Top

St. Francis in NM