Julia Brochey spent her formative years moving around the US and visiting Mexico – this had a deep influence on her music and art. Although she is a self-taught visual artist, she studied classical and jazz guitar, piano, and voice.

Julia Brochey currently works in several projects, including Amoré and Blue Asa. She recently released the EP, So I Roam (featuring Christian Larsen) and Blue Asa’s CD, Smoke in the Mirror (with Brian Levy).

Previous Recordings Include (but are not limited to): 

  • All I Want/Julia and the Unexpecteds (Full-Length)
  • Third Week of April/Lelah Simon (Song: Other’s Eyes)
  • Our Times of Trial are Long/Mount Meru (Multiple Songs)
  • Jezebel’s Demise/Julia Brochey (Full-Length)
  • Uncomfortable Situation/Ode to the Marionette (Full-Length)
  • Sleepless Dreaming/Ode to the Marionette (Full-Length)
  • Quiet its Getting Dark/Proper Scarlet (Full-Length)
  • Trigger Control/Down Blvd (I’m Your Hitman/Via Satellite/Theme for a Walk/Electronicity)
  • Slumdog Millionaire/Dame Baasi/Vicente Sires/Cali Bombay (Slumdog Millionaire)
  • So I Roam/Julia Brochey, Feat Christian Larsen (EP)
  • Smoke in the Mirror/Blue Asa/Brian Levy (Full Length)